Pro Grow LED PGX5-600: Weeks 6 Bloom

Pro Grow LED PGX5-600 – LED Grow Light Intensity Redefined! 4 strains, one AWESOME lamp…

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Nirvana's Eldorado buds harvested!

Being able to harvest a week or two early isn’t a bad thing.

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Another Afghan Kush Harvested

Another go with Nirvana Seed’s Eldorado!

Come take a look...

How Many Lumens...

A most asked question, and the straight up answer(s)!

How much light do you need?

Bud Porn…

Nirvana Blue Mystic
Nirvana's Jock Horror Buds
Trichomes galore - Nirvana Haze
Kaya Gold Plant #2 from Nirvana Seeds, grown under a Pro-Grow 750 LED grow light

Favorite Strains

from Nirvana Seeds

Northern Light Autoflower

from Nirvana Seeds
Blue Mystic, Nirvana Seeds

Blue Mystic

from Nirvana Seeds
Bubblelicious from Nirvana Seeds


from Nirvana Seeds