About 250 people gathered at Victoria Park Friday to show support for the use of marijuana and mark 4/20 Day – an annual celebration of cannabis culture on the 20th day of April.

"I’ve been smoking marijuana for six years now. This stuff saved my life," said Jeff Oakes, 29, a medical user who lit a joint in solidarity with other supporters at the park. He was approached by officers several times during the demonstration, but was allowed to continue.

"That’s not right. It’s a waste of our tax money. This is ridiculous," he said.

The heavy police presence in the park was a bone of contention for many other 4/20 supporters as well.

"Look at how much money the cops are spending just on this, yet ( Oxy*contin ) is being sold downtown and nothing’s being done about it," said Neil Hamell of Occupy London. "The amount of money ( spent ) today with all the cops, it must be ridiculous. For what? Really."

Anna Wittich, another Occupy London member, said she thought people should have a right to chose and use marijuana.

"We basically stand for those who don’t understand their rights or have given them up inadvertently," she said. "Use of any organic grown plant should be our inherent right to use as we please."

A group of about 50 people walked to Richmond and Dundas intersection and then headed east to the police headquarters.

London Police Services made two arrest at the gathering that evening. Charges for marijuana possession remain pending.

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