Would you like to become part of our Team?

420 Magazine is looking for a few passionate and dedicated members who would like to become part of our dynamic and dedicated team. We are in the business of bringing the message of Cannabis and Hemp awareness to the World, and you could be a part of this important mission.

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We are looking for members with a proven posting history, who show maturity, frequent site access, and a willingness to work hard, without issues of ego. We want people who are patient, caring and compassionate. Is this you?

Moderator: Description
Ensures the Grow Forums, and other area as assigned, are free from guideline violations and clutter. We get spam, banned members coming back to start trouble, irritable people flaming others, photo’s not uploaded through the gallery, people trying to use the site to hookup, and much more.

We spend countless hours editing or removing these unwanted posts every day so that members can enjoy a much more comfortable and positive vibe while here socializing, learning and contributing. (Volunteer/Intern Position)

We are looking for a serious and responsible person(s) for this most important position. Previous grow experience is not required but is preferred. Greater than one year’s site membership is preferred.

The ideal Moderator is an individual that is high energy, patient, willing to teach and explain our guidelines with a kind demeanor.

New Hawk: Description
Scours the net for the latest and most important 420 related information. Ensures proper citation, credit, and formatting. Posts, monitors, and participates in 420 news related discussions. (Volunteer Position)

Being a staff member with 420 Magazine will require dedication and time. You will need to be available on a daily and regular basis. You will need to demonstrate that you can, and will, work as part of our mature and dynamic team. We want you to be honest and hard working, and exhibit the qualities of accuracy and timeliness.
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Please, only established members who have a reviewable and violation-free post history need apply.

If you can’t commit the time, haven’t been a member very long, or have not been signing in frequently, please wait a cycle, participate more, and apply next time

Ask questions if you have them, tell us why you’re the right person for the job, and please post your application in this thread.

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