Ron Paul said some interesting things about legalizing marijuana to Jay Leno the other night (mainly that it should be legalized—or not—by state laws; not federal), causing quite the stir on Blisstree: While he’s all for taking control of your own body when it comes to drugs, he’s much less into freedom of choice when it comes to reproductive rights, which led to quite the debate between commenters yesterday.

But whatever you think of his stance on abortion, our poll makes it clear: Nearly everyone (98.9%, last time we checked) agrees with Ron Paul that marijuana isn’t something the federal government should be trying to control.

This is what he said on Jay Leno:

The role of the federal government is to protect our liberties. That means they should protect our religious liberties to do what we want; our intellectual liberty, but it also should protect our right to do to our body what we want, you know, what we take into our bodies.

And this is a little something he said to CNN:

You can at least let sick people have marijuana because it’s helpful. But the compassionate conservatives say, well we can’t do this, we’re going to put people who are sick and dying with cancer and are being helped with marijuana if they have multiple sclerosis, the federal government is going in there and overriding state laws and putting people like that in prison.

I think the federal war on drugs is a total failure. The drug war is out of control. I fear the drug war, because it undermines our civil liberties, it magnifies our problems on the borders, we spent like over the last 40 years a trillion dollars on this war and, believe me, the kids can still get the drugs. It just hasn’t worked.

Given the reaction to our poll, and past reaction to the issue of legalizing marijuana, most of our readers seem to be in total agreement here. But that’s about the only area where we all see to agree with Ron: When it comes to the former obstetrician’s views on abortion, an issue he’s dubbed “the most important issue of our age,” he stands by his support of state, not federal, regulation. But he thinks they should all make it illegal:

A society that readily condones abortion invites attacks on personal liberty. If all life is not precious, how can all liberty be held up as important? It seems that if some life can be thrown away, our right to personally choose what is best for us is more difficult to defend. I’ve become convinced that resolving the abortion issue is required for a healthy defense of a free society.

It’s true that he’s consistent on his interpretation of the constitution—remember, despite his attacks on the morals of abortion and telling of bloody abortion stories from his days as an OB, he still says legalizing abortion shouldn’t be done at the federal level, but to me, his reasoning doesn’t hold. If kids are still getting drugs despite the 40 trillion dollars spent on our war against drugs, what does he think would happen if abortions became illegal?

If our election were only about pot, Paul might do very very well. But with other issues of health at stake, he definitely doesn’t have our full 98.9%.

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