The Pro-Grow 260 LED Veg-Garden

With little fanfare, the Pro-Grow 260 consistently produces fine seedlings, cuttings and auto-flower buds

My Pro-Grow 260 and I…

Nirvana Seeds, Marijuana Seeds Straight from the Source!

This will probably be the last official entry in the Pro-Grow 260 category. Hydroponics Hut has long since updated the specs on these (and the rest of the Pro-Grow line) and made a number of improvements, that now make my 260 last year’s news.

That said, I’ll replace my 260 when you can pry it from my cold, dead hands. It still kicks ass.

Northern Light Autoflowers bloom under an L.E.D. grow light.

Auto pilot engage! The last Northern Light Autos bloom in the Veg Garden.

One of 3 Northern Light Auto-flower plants in bloom

These NL autoflower growth pattern are so dense, without pruning & care they will choke themselves off.

In addition to these 3 Northern Light Auto offspring, our last two in house bred seeds were sprouted this past weekend. If all goes according to the rate their siblings grew, in 3 – 4 weeks the two seedlings should declare female and begin to auto-bloom!

A fresh new batch of autoflower seeds will pe procured soon! As partial as I am to Nirvana’s Northern Light Autoflowers, though there are some other auto-flower genetics that are tempting me, like Deimos, from Spain:

Deimos is a hybrid which origins are mostly indica (Northern Lights), a work of selection of 7 generations in order to obtain the features of a Classic in an auto flowering plant.Deimos is big sized plant, with good growht in width and high. The selection of the more branched specimens has prevailed; long lateral branches which yield buds as big as that of the central branch. This way productivity increases but the plant remains discreet in size, between 70 and 80 cm. Due to its nature Daimos becomes the perfect autoflowering plant for outdoor and Indoor.

Week 5 of bloom - Autoflower marijuana (Northern Light Auto)

These Northern Light Autos grow & bloom almost like clockwork.

I mentioned in a previous post that though I highly recommend an autoflower or two in the veg room (space permitting), it is very easy to get distracted from the actual task at hand – and that is raising big, healthy, female plants to bloom in 12/12.

In hindsight, I’m glad one of the 4 auto seedlings (NLAo #4) didn’t make it, as 4 blooming autos in this space would have led to chaos, 3 as it turned out was about one too many. With 2 autos, I believe things would be more efficient.

Autoflower buds under Pro-Grow LED grow lights

Northern Light Auto - Offspring 2. Oh so fine at week 7!

A White Widow cutting thrives under L.E.D. grow lights.

A cutting from White Widow 3, bigger & better than before!

Oh yeah, did I mention I ‘m vegging under the 260 too… 😉 This is one of 3 cuttings from the White Widow #3. I’ve been really watching & studying about training the proper node spacing & branch growth prior to placing them into 12/12. Between this White Widow, Blackberry #3 and The Jock Horror, things are looking good.