I heard the news recently, oh boy. It seems Chevron is trying to repair its holes and has decided to plug the leak of $2 million a year streaming into The PBS News Hour with Jim Lehrer. Frankly, I don’t understand why they did it. Lehrer has been pretty kind to them, as kind as can be considering their human rights record in central America, their manipulation of the California government to avoid taxes, and their relationships in their home city of Richmond, CA… etc. etc. etc.

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$400/week Can buy you this man.. But seriously.

The News Hour is a for-profit company subcontracted to PBS, so it has a good understanding of the problems that Chevron faces. At first I thought Jim Lehrer should deliver the following report: “We have stopped getting our annual subsidy of $2 million from the Chevron Corporation so now we will be able to report their international abuses more objectively.” That won’t happen. It is more likely that he is now looking to Exxon-Mobil, Shell or BP– all of which could use some good PR.

Then it came to me, this is the perfect opening for the national medical marijuana industry. For only $2 million a year we could buy Jim Lehrer’s favor. Ok… make that $2 million a year plus party favors. He will finally understand how important medical marijuana is and start reporting on it. If only half the dispensaries agreed to participate, we would have over a thousand sponsors. Here is how it works: $2 million dollars a year is approx $40,000 a week. Divided by 1000 dispensaries, that comes to $400 a week or about 1-2 ounces based on quality. It is a small price to pay to get such incredible publicity.

“What a dream, but it can come true!”

Good evening I’m Jim Lehrer. In the news today, yet another new bomb attack in Miscellaneoustan, then we go to Idaho for an American profile: Johnny Northstred a man who recites his poetry exclusively to bears. But first, the California crackdown on the medical marijuana industry: is it political or a police boondoggle? All that ahead on the News Hour. Our program tonight is brought to you buy Ford Motor Company, Johnson’s Wax and the American Medical Cannabis Association.” What a dream, but it can come true! Can you imagine Obama listening to this broadcast and hearing that pitch night after night?

I know that this blog is read by a lot of sick people who use cannabis medicinally. Just print this blog and bring it to your nearest dispensary and kindly suggest to them that they get in touch with me so that we can start the ad purchase soon.