On Monday, April 2, Oaksterdam University in Oakland was raided by over 100 DEA, IRS, and US Marshals. Oaksterdam provides training to the medical cannabis industry, and is fully compliant with state and local law. I’m asking for your help now in letting President Obama know that the public does not approve of this show of force. 

President Obama promised at the beginning of his administration to respect state medical marijuana laws. He has broken this promise time and time again — and the consequences have been devastating.Tell President Obama and the DEA: Enough is enough. Keep your campaign promise, and stop the raids on the medical cannabis industry!

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Here’s what you can do:

Sign the petition:

Call the White House Hotline 202-456-1111 and leave the message: I don’t approve of the raids against medical marijuana providers. It is cruel and misguided.

This is not just a “California” thing. 16 States including the DC allow medical marijuana use and legislation is pending in 6 other states. I live in an area where I have have the privilege of going to a well-run dispensary and selecting from a wide range cannabis varieties,  edibles, tinctures. Contacting Obama will you bring you closer to having this as an option for yourself and loved ones. 

Thank you for acting and passing this along.

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