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Hello, I’m your humble narrator

First of all, Thank You for taking the time to visit!

I am a legal, medical cannabis patient and grower in the state of Oregon.

Long story short… After many trial and errors with pain treatment for a degenerative cervical condition, I came to trying cannabis as a therapy for control of pain and nerve/muscle spasms at the suggestion of a relative. After much research, I was truly amazed at the medical and healing properties of marijuana. I decided to get legal, and that was simple enough.

Once the State approved me (and gladly took my application fee), and though I was now legally permitted to use marijuana, I remember thinking “Great now what? How can I get [safe] access to meds?” I tried everything, Pot Clubs, Collectives and yes, even craigslist. The problem with the clubs and collectives, the meds were great, but at $200-$400 an ounce it was unaffordable. I won’t even get into the craigslist hassles…

I took to trying to grow my own, easy I thought. I was wrong, it’s not easy, especially if you have no background or understanding of plants (of any kind). But, while it’s not easy, it can be done very simply with awesome results!

I’m no expert, but I’ve learned from other growers and from the mistakes I’ve made (and ones I’ve yet to make), so if I can help you avoid making those mistakes, you’ll be ahead of the game and on your way to some happy returns. I hope I can assist!

Free Yourself – Get Educated!

Don’t give in to the notion that pharmaceuticals are safer. And if you find medical marijuana is right for you, remember that you need not be held ransom to pay dealers and dispensaries for quality meds. Honestly, if I can do this, anyone can.

I’ve not purchased meds in over a year, and the ability to give away or donate surpluses is a humbling feeling and why I do what I do here…

…Last night dad had some smiles and even a chuckle, and let me tell you how an 82 year old man with stage 4 liver cancer was able to do that… medical marijuana. Thank goodness for the open minded folks who have worked hard to make this possible! What a joy to see him have a moment’s relief!!

That about says it all!


Please note:

Everything you see grown here, by me,  is NOT FOR PROFIT and grown solely for the  personal, medicinal use of myself and associated patients. We chastise the pharmaceutical industry for putting profits before patients, yet few question the $300, 400, 500 dollar asking for an ounce of medication. Let’s get real people! No one should have to decide between putting food on the table and medical relief.

I work as I can, making enough to cover living expenses, supplementing the cost of the garden… and on a good month I am grateful to break even, otherwise I rob Peter to pay Paul. Peter hates me but Paul simply adores me!

Seriously though, the rest of the ends are met by visitors like you, simply clicking a banner or link and buying some seedsbookslighting, ect. Rest assured, I will not promote any item or service that I have not personally used and don’t believe in sincerely.


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