Happy Medical Marijuana Week!

In celebration of America’s safest illicit drug, cannabis activists across the county have planned a series of events designed to put pressure on elected officials and bring more attention to the issue.

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Gatherings across the country include phone banks to the White House, petitions, rallies and even movie nights. San Franciscans plan to stage demonstrations at both Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting and President Obama’s local fundraiser Thursday night.

Medical marijuana in San Francisco has been on a roller-coaster ride as of late. At the end of last month, the city’s previously-suspended dispensary licensing program resumed.

The following week, the San Francisco Examiner reported that the DEA has begun investigating a dozen local cannabis clubs, including renowned shops The Vapor Room, Grass Roots and The Green Cross. Similar investigations in the past have led to dispensaries’ closures.

The future of legalized medical marijuana may be murky, but this week, the activists’ message will be clear. Take a look at San Francisco’s calendar of events below, and click over to Americans for Safe Access for a more detailed list of nationwide events.

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