After taking her sweet, dank time drying, the Afghan Kush is now weighed and in jars for curing.

The plant was harvested in two cuttings, the first was mostly the lowest branches of which only the tips  & tops were kept. This past week, the tops were harvest off the landrace strain bringing the Pro-Grow 550 LED grow light garden to an end… For now.

Afghan Kush, Pro-Grow 550 LED grow light

The Afghan Kush just prior to harvest.

With the harvest done, the final weights were taken prior to the buds going into curing jars. I was very curious to see how the Afghan would stack up against the Critical Sensi Star that finished at 167 grams of prime, manicured buds.. The colas closer to the light were noticeably thicker with rounded tops as opposed to  lower ones which formed narrow “spear-tipped” colas & buds.

The lower buds and colas are still beautiful, but the tops are far more impressive than I first thought.

This strain is a true “light lover”. The Pro-Grow 550 did an amazing job covering nearly 20 sq ft of garden area (almost 5′ x 4′). I was worried that I’d pushed the coverage area too much thus sacrificing light penetration for the lower buds, but where the wattage waned the more efficient spectra of the Pro-Grow allowed the lower canopy enough light energy to make for smaller, but very solid buds.

Afghan Kush, day 47 bloom.

Afghan Kush’s lower, narrow colas with rock hard density & trichomes for miles!

If take into account the “75 watts per square foot” of light needed recommendation, it dictates you’d need 1500 watts of HID to cover the same area, and that’s something to think about.

Visually the Afghan looked to have smaller colas & buds in contrast to the Critical Sensi Star, but the density of the inner bud and trichome coating make for heavy, rock solid buds.


The Pro-Grow 550 LED produced some very fine Afghan Kush colas.

I figured on the Afghan hitting just over the 4 ounce mark, maybe… I was very pleased with the final weight!

Prime Afghan Kush buds & colas: 156 grams, or 5.5 ounces.

LED grown, Afghan Kush.

Our Afghan Kush buds grown under a Pro-Grow 550 LED grow light

There isn’t much aroma until you break a bud open, the taste is very neutral, slightly oily. But the best part is, they are all covered in trichomes like below:

Afghan Kush trichomes

Covered in trichomes ranging from clear to amber, it is easy to see why it’s used to make hash.

Like a Gunshot blast!

So to recap the Pro-Grow 550 LED grow:

Critical Sensi Star: 167 grams
Afghan Kush: 156 grams
Total: 323 grams of primo medical buds

That’s roughly .68 grams per watt, in soil, without supplements, no co2, and at 23 watts per sq ft.! i.e. hardly a blip on my electric bill! With a little effort, the elusive 1 gram-per-watt mark is quite tangible!

Questions? Let me know!