After the cure…

Nirvana Blue Mystic Autos, Grown Under LEDs, in DWC/Hydro

A Pot-pourri of Top-Left & Low-Right's nuggets

Going though the first Blue Mystic jar, the lower, airy buds that hadn’t had time to cure, I was marginally impressed, at best. Great on effect, short on visual and olfactory appeal. Biding the past few weeks on a dwindling med supply purchased at the Farmer’s Market, with exception to daily burping, we let the jars be. Earlier this week we tapped into jar 2, happy to discover it has begun to hit its stride…

Marijuana grow tutorial for beginners.

My girlfriend nicknamed Top-Right “stink-berry” and Low-Right “mystery”.
When broken up or ground, Top-Right’s flowers produce a pungent, acrid, berry aroma that envelops the room, and berry taste on the exhale (berry intensifies when smoked in a water pipe). Low-Right, by far the stickiest, some buds can smell and taste earthy/neutral while others from her are hash/fruity, hence the name mystery, as you don’t know what you’re gonna taste.

Nirvana Blue Mystic, LED grow Lights

Nirvana's Blue Mystic: Low-Right - front half of lid, Top-Left - back half of lid

Both Blue Mystics hit very hard as their Indica dominant heritage would dictate.

Top-Left is the better one if you need to remain upright and function. Nerve & muscle pain reduction is noticeable & adequate. Munchies are minimal.

Low-Right is perfect for heavier pain days, needing to get to sleep, or for a little weekend recreation on the couch with the Wii. Munchies – (Buy stock in Cheetos & Ben & Jerry’s) Seriously though, great for stimulating appetite.

If these seeds are any indication of what the true photoperiod Blue Mystics are capable of, I can highly recommend them (the non-auto) and look forward to trying them in the future.

Side notes…

From Low-Right’s airy buds & the bottom of the manicure pan, we garnered a total of 13 mature seeds. I’m sure there will be more, but we’ve not found any in the samples from the cure jars (yet) and none on Top-Right.

I did some loosely manicured buds (only the tightest sugar-leaves were left) and some connoisseur-manicured buds (nearly no leaf left) and jarred them separately to see if there would be a difference in curing. BIG DIFFERENCE – The leaf-less buds look smell and smoke FAR better than their leaf covered counterparts, I’d venture to say it’ll take another week or two for the cure on leafier buds to catch up. But that is just IMHO.


Again, Thank you all, for thoughts, tips, questions and all else!

Be well everyone!