California Attorney General Kamala Harris formally asked the state Legislature earlier this week to clarify state laws on medical marijuana to bring certainty and consistency to both law enforcement and patients. It’s about time someone took action on the issue. The Legislature needs to take up the request.

Under the state’s medical marijuana law, the attorney general is authorized to issue guidelines on legality. As attorney general, Gov. Jerry Brown essentially made dispensaries legal if they were nonprofit cooperatives or collectives. As a result, storefront dispensaries boomed — and the federal government stepped up efforts to go after them.

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At the local level, Kern County has passed three separate ordinances on medical marijuana, including a ban on storefront dispensaries. Other municipalities have faced similar dilemmas in regulating the drug.

Harris reportedly considered revising Brown’s guidelines but determined that any action she could take would lack the force of law behind it. That’s why she’s instead asking the Legislature to determine if storefront dispensaries and delivery services that sell medical marijuana are legal. It’s about time.

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