How serious can threats of marijuana grow ops actually be to communities, or youth for that matter, when the majority of grow ops could literally be forced to shut down by eliminating marijuana prohibition and regulating it like alcohol?

Yet the police prefer to continue to centre the conversation around the evils of marijuana and talk of the potential for an increase in criminal activity and a greater chance of fire, explosions and violence. The harms of alcohol are far greater than those attributed to marijuana.

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The impact of drugs and organized crime on our communities are in direct correlation to the laws which criminalize drugs and foster the very opportunities for organized crime to permeate communities that enforcement claims to want to shut down.

Why do police encourage the continuation of costly failed legislative actions and the efforts of Crime Stoppers over intelligent policy change that would affect meaningful results in cost effective ways?

The International Centre for Science in Drug Policy’s latest report demonstrates the clear failure of U.S. cannabis prohibition. It supports calls for evidence-based models to legalize and regulate the use of cannabis.

The report has already received the support and endorsement of the British Medical Journal, one of the world’s most influential medical journals which has published a commentary in support of the report’s findings, and over 60 of the ICSDP’s scientific network members from more than 30 countries.

Other organizations also concur.

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