Under the Pro-Grow 260

– A continuing saga!

Once you dial-in your optimal light to canopy distance (I find it varies by strain as well as growing conditions), the simplicity of my Pro-Grow 260 and its ability to “plug and play” make it easy to, well… just kind of forget about it. And that is a good thing, as now you can focus your attentions to other matters, like preventative plant care, keeping the garden clean and nutrients.

The Aurora Indica sprouts (#’s 3 and 4) are at about 14 days from seed. Give them lots of light & fertile, well draining soil and they are pretty aggressive growers.

Sticky, sweet-smelling sublime bud!

Aurora Indicas #’s 1 and 2 have now been moved from the PG-260 to the bloom tent as well as both Blue Mystic mothers and the White Widows, where they’ll be flowered under a new light!New Bloom Journal Coming… Look for it next week!

Aurora Indica from Nirvana

Top: Nirvana Aurora Indica #'s 3 & 4 (day 14 from seed) - Cup: House Seed from a Northern Light Auto (day 7 from seed)

Meanwhile despite several attempts on their lives, although stunted, both Northern Light Autoflower plants (#’s 4 and 5) have put everything they’ve got into trichome production, aromas and colors!

Northern Light Auto-flower Plant #4

Sadly stunted, but for what she is - Simply Amazing!

Northern Light Auto-flower Plant #5

Though small, her aroma stimulates the senses. Her deep purple coloring lures the eye and imagination...

And there’s more coming…

six medical marijuana plants

6 ladies, all vegged under the Pro-Grow 260, blooming under something new!!! COMING SOON!!!