Weed - Aphrodite Automatic Feminized Marijuana Review

The lovely Aphrodite tends to be an incredibly fast growing and healthy marijuana tap root plant, or clone when cultivated properly. This specific variety of cannabis gene is known to have an incredibly potent psychoactive effect. When cultivated in a hydroponic system indoors, Aphrodite gives a satisfying yield – fast along with Dank nugs and a high THC percentage — loaded with resin rich pistils. The genes used to produce this wonderful strain was of a sativa origin, so its flavor tends to lean towards the Jack Herer side of the spectrum.

The Original Cash Crop: bushy, tasty, frosty!

As the Aphrodite automatic has a sativa genotype for its base gene structure, the flowers tend to be elongated, yet compact and sticky with resin. The Aphrodite automatic is known for having an incredibly high potent THC percentage, so a little goes a long way.




Auto flowering marijuana genetics tend to begin producing flowering at a much shorter height, independent of the photoperiods you’re used to using to adjust the flower cycles. This trait makes the Aphrodite automatic strain an incredibly important resource for most hydroponic cultivators.

Another of the larger advantages to using an auto flower gene is that the accelerated finish time on the outdoor flower will sometimes save you mold throughout the entire crop due to rainfall. As well, this thick and sturdy strain tends to produce a very short marijuana plant which will keep it well out of plain sight from those pesky flying eyes in the sky.