Have a South Facing Window?

Got a South facing window that gets unobstructed light all day? Let that sunlight work for you!

Grow guide for marijuana beginners.

No matter whether you live in the city, the country or suburbs, high rise or tiny cottage, if you have the light you can grow the herb NOW. If you have clones or small plants, you are ahead of the game, just repot them and put them in direct sunlight. If you use the room in the evening, place an opaque curtain between the plants and the light because they will stop flowering if they receive any light besides pure green. If you dont have plants ask your friends for some or if you live in a medical state pick up some clones at your local dispensary. Ask for varieties that flower in 7-8 weeks. Feed them grow formula for about two weeks then switch over to flowering formula. By April 1st, St. Stupid’s Day, celebrated annually in San Francisco, you should be able to harvest (well in time for 4:20!).

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Marijuana needs at least 11 hours of uninterrupted darkness each day to flower. The plants should be started NOW and then harvested by April 1st when the dark period is less than 11 hours and may begin interfering with flowering.