Has spring sprung in your area? Do the evenings stay above 50 degrees and does it get up into the seventies during the day? If it does, you can start a spring crop. You’ll grow the plants vegetatively for a month or two, and then place them into flowering. The plants won’t be very large when they are mature, but they will be very potent because the flowers will be maturing during a time of increasing UV light. By the time they come in, in early summer, UV will be at its peak. The advantage of this is that the quality of the plants – that is, the percentage of THC – increases with increasing UV light. To plant outside now, you have to make sure that the plants won’t start to flower because of the long lights. To ensure that the plants stay in vegetative growth, break the dark period each night by “spraying” the plant with light, either from a fluorescent or red LEDs. When I say “spray” the plant, imagine the light is water and you are trying to wet all the leaves. The plants only need a moment of light in order to break up the night cycle, which keeps the plants in vegetative. By the time you want the plants to flower, in early May, your nights are shorter and the plants would ordinarily grow vegetatively – but by placing the plants in total darkness each day as they receive 12 hours of light, you force the plants to flower. This can be done by wheeling them into a dark space or by covering a frame with opaque white black plastic film, often called panda plastic. Place the white on the outside to reflect sunlight and keep the plants cool. After the sun goes down the plastic can be removed. At 60-70 days, the plants will ripen under the highest UV, directly increasing their potency and at the same time combating the dreaded summer drought.

Marijuana grow tutorial for beginners.