In the San Francisco Bay Area dawn arrived today at 6:01 and dusk fell at 8:17pm. The total daylight period was 14 hours and 16 minutes long. In two weeks it will be a total of 14 hours and 48 minutes. For most hybrids, especially most Sativa-Indicas the dark period is not long enough to promote flowering. If the climate abides, that is if it doesn’t get below 50 degrees fahrenheit at night, you can set your babies outside now!

If you are growing Indicas (and some highly Indica influenced hybrids) it might be a little bit early but there is a solution– just interrupt the dark cycle with a bright fluorescent light once during the evening.This is an excellent solution for greenhouses and the warmer parts of the country, you can plant seeds but you will have a much higher success rate by germinating the seeds first in a sterile or pasteurized planting mix. Clones are also a good start.

Marijuana grow tutorial for beginners.

Happy gardening!


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