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Marijuana wins hands down.

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(PORTLAND, OR) – Marijuana therapy for autism was possibly discovered about 2002 with an article by Jay R. Cavanaugh PhD entitled, ‘Medical Cannabis for Brain Disorders’ sponsored by the American Alliance for Medical Cannabis (AANC). He reported that cannabis was effective for the following brain diseases: Bipolar disease, (81 patients or 20%), ADD/ADHD (53 patients or 13%), Multiple Sclerosis, (32 patients or 6%), Neurothapy, (35 patients or 9%), PTSD, (30 patients or 7%), and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (3 patients or 6%). He also reported successful treatment for Tourettes, Parkinsonism, and Autism (10 patients or 2%).

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About the same time, 2003, Bernard Rinland PhD, published ‘Medical Marijuana: A Valuable Treatment for Autism)’. I have not found any previous articles on this subject, but I’m sure my readers will straighten me out. Please do! This printed article is based upon a New York Timesarticle about the dangers of Adderal, similar amphetamines, and Ritalin called ‘Drowned in a Stream of Prescriptions’. It is mostly about the lethal dangers of the amphetamine drugs, or Autism, ADD and ADHD.

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The Times did an excellent two full page article about the severe lethal hazards of this type of drug but did not mention the safe, effective use of cannabis/marijuana for this purpose. The amphetamines have killed literally hundreds, possibly thousands, by their direct toxicity to the heart and brain but also the extremely severe withdrawal symptoms which frequently cause death. Cannabis NEVER killed anybody.

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