Haze Autoflower – Strain of the Week

Auto-flowering strains are all the rage in Europe and Canada, but they have yet to take off in the US. But as more and more farmers awaken to the convenience of growing cannabis plants that start flowering at a certain height regardless of the light cycle, we’ll see these varieties start to proliferate. Pushing the envelope ever further, Dinafem – a respected and award-winning breeding outfit from Spain – has introduced the world’s first auto-flowering Haze hybrid.

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Combining the complex sativa flavor and psychoactive high of Haze with a ruderalis-tinged strain’s ability to bloom automatically, Dinafem has created a truly unique, useful and versatile cannabis variety. In most climates, you can simply plant the feminized seeds any time the threat of frost isn’t an issue, then walk away and return 80 days later to find mature, fully formed flowers ready to trim and dry – long before the typical harvest season has even started.

Lineage: Haze x ruderalis
Flowering time: 10 to 11 weeks
Contact: Dinafem, dinafem-seeds.com

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