It’s a new in-house record!!!

Purple buds on Northern Light Autoflower #1

The “O.G. Purple” Northern Light Autoflower Phenotype

In the first set of Northern Light Autoflower seeds from Nirvana, all 5 plants were great but there was one stand out phenotype, the one I called “Purple”. It was a lanky, sativa looking phenotype, that had purple coloration early in budding. It had a very incense-sweet, hashish aroma and the oldest of the cured pieces had a taste we coined “smurfberry”. Of the many Northern Light autoflower seeds bloomed since, this is the first time I’ve come across that “purple” phenotype again.

The Must Try legend.

Northern Light Autoflower grown under a Pro-Grow 260 X LED

Purple Pheno #2 kept packing on buds till the end.

Purple Pheno 2.0 (Northern Light auto-flower) – Our largest single plant autoflower harvest (in soil): 95 grams total.

The first “O.G. Purple” was grown quite some time ago, under the original Pro-Grow 260 LED grow light and harvested at over 60 grams. With the improvements in my growing skills, and the vast improvements in LED grow light technology, it is no wonder the “Purple 2” Northern Light Autoflower that was just under the Pro-Grow 260X is the finest of that strain I’ve grown yet.

Over 3 ounces of Northern Light Auto

The Pro-Grow 260X and Nirvana’s Northern Light Auto produced just over 3 ounces!

I was a little concerned as after trimming the buds off their stems, there were only 2 mason jars filled, which usually averages out to an ounce ± a jar. I knew the buds were extremely dense & compact but still wasn’t sure of where things would weigh out.

Unofficially the harvest was over 105 grams, as I had cut an early 3 gram branch and had about 10+ grams that wouldn’t fit into the two jars but didn’t justify a jar of their own.

Needless to say as the first jar was emptied on the scale and easily totaled past 45 grams, I was pleasantly surprised. As the second and smaller of the jars did the same, I was ecstatic!

Northern Light Auto grown under the Pro-Grow 260X LED grow light

Extremely dense and sticky! These nuggets will being the finest grinders to a gooey halt.

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