Autoflower Medical Marijuana grow

Left: Dinafem’s Haze Autoflower, Center & Right: Northern Light x Big Bud Autoflower

Week 8 of bloom for the Northern Light X Big Buds (World of Seeds), 11 weeks from seed.
Week 6 bloom for the Haze Autoflower (Dinafem), 9 weeks from seed.

Like a Gunshot blast!

Northern Light x Big Bud Autoflower Buds

Northern Light x Big Bud Autoflower, week 8 Bloom

A quick flushing and a final boost of organic nutrients has sent both Northern Light x Big Bud Autoflowers into overdrive. Over the past week new green calyxes with fresh white pistils are emerging from a trichome encrusted bed of purple tipped, red haired calyxes. With about 30% – 40% to trichomes milky and a few dotted amber, I’d planned on harvesting this upcoming weekend at the official point of week 8 bloom. With the new growth spurt, we may run them another week…

Haze Autoflower week 6 Bloom

Haze Autoflower week 6 Bloom – Damn neat looking plant!

In contrast the Haze Autoflower from Dinafem at just week 6 of budding is looking like she’s done. Trichomes from different parts of the plant show crystal clear all the way through amber, most of the change occurring on the sugar leaves as the calyx trichomes are majority unchanged. Water & nutrient uptake has slowed in comparison to the NLxBBs, though she has greened up a bit.

Northern Light x Big Bud Autoflower under LEDs

Living up to their “Big Bud” heritage, these fat buds are getting fatter!

Sticky, sweet-smelling sublime bud!

The 260X grow has been a breeze. Considering you don’t know what you may get with autos, I am convinced the Pro-Grow 260X made the most of the genetics we received. The plants are short, so the proportions are hard to show with the camera, but with colas larger than Red Bull cans (on the NLxBBs) and another week or two to go, I am very pleased with the results of the plant’s genetics & the ability of Hydroponic Hut’s new “Closet Killer”.

As soon as space opens up, I’ll be putting one other autoflower beneath it this week, from my Northern Light Autoflower seed collection as it may be a long coveted phenotype of the Northern Light auto line. At only 1 month from seed it already larger than what is under the 260X now, and it’s just begun to bloom… You won’t want to miss watching this one!

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Also, I got a cheap USB magnifying scope…


Northern Light x Big Bud Trichomes

Haze Autoflower Trichomes

Week 6 – Haze Autoflower Trichomes

That’s about as good & as big as the pics get, as I said cheap, but it sure makes it easier to see!