LED grown auto-flower marijuana

Booming & Blooming… Northern Light Auto, under the Pro-Grow 260X at week 8 from seed.

In this extended journaling of the Pro-Grow 260X, the Northern Light Auto is now past the half-way point of full bloom with 3 or 4 weeks remaining. Older pistils are turning withered & orange/red as masses of new calyxes & white hairs emerge to replace them. Trichomes are coating the dense buds and inner leaves.

Usually the Northern Light strain remains “scent neutral”, but this particular phenotype is quite aromatic, as anytime you near the tent the sweet incense-like fragrance pleasently overwhelms.

The Must Try legend.

Buds on a Northern Light Auto

Lower branch buds are looking fine!

Side cola - Northern Light Autoflower

Side cola – Northern Light Autoflower

It seems there are a lot of closet growing fans out there, as I’ve had many requests in the past weeks to do a photoperiod strain grow in the tent with the 260X. I’ve started rooted cuttings from the Critical-Sensi Star and the Afghani and am tempted to sprout a Cali Hash Plant seed… Stay tuned and let’s see what happens.

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