The Pro-Grow 260X – Northern Light Auto has been harvested.

LED grown Northern Light Autoflower

Almost 11 weeks from seed, Northern Light Autoflower

Grow guide for marijuana beginners.

There really isn’t too much I can say that the pics don’t already convey.

The Northern Light genetics and autoflower trait fusion by Nirvana Seeds is simply a stellar performer. Beautiful thick colas with rock hard buds, and trichomes are everywhere! The purple colors came on in the last two and a half weeks, really finishing out in the last few days.

Next, the General Organics nutrients worked very well. I am sticking with it for the foreseeable future. Simple to use, no tinkering with PPM or pH, and the stuff works.

Lastly I cannot say enough about the Pro-Grow 260X! If you are planning on a closet space grow (3’x2′ give or take), you will be hard pressed to find a comparable value. The spectra is dialed in, the intensity of the light is amazing, and quality of build is solid.


Northern Light Autoflower, Pro-Grow 260 X LED test grow

The main top on the Northern Light Auto

Northern Light Auto Buds

The main top, pretty in purple…

Northern Light Autoflower bloomed under LED grow lights

Lower colas flourished under the Pro-Grow 260 X

Grow Weed Easy!

Northern Light Autoflower - Pro-Grow 260 X LED

Even the lower, inner buds showed no signs of “fluff”!

Northern Light Autoflower buds harvested

The Harvest – Main branches off the Northern Light Autoflower

Northern Light Autoflower buds drying

Northern Light Autoflower hung to dry…

Sticky, sweet-smelling sublime bud!

These buds are so dense, they will take a while to dry & cure properly. Thankfully this NNorthern Light Autoflower is such that you can begin sampling it from the first day it’s dried and be rewarded with a treat. Wait several weeks for a good curing and be rewarded 10x. it’s a no brainer.

I’ll post up the final weight in a bit!