Solid genetics, good soil & intense LED lighting = Fat Buds & Colas!

Like a Gunshot blast!

42 grams harvested - Pro-Grow 260X + Dinafem Haze Autoflower

The Pro-Grow 260X & Dinanfem Haze Autoflower Harvest!

Last week’s Haze Autoflower harvest left me pleasantly surprised when after drying the final weight was over 42 grams. Considering I snuck a few nuggets I’d go as far as to say 45 grams, unofficially 😉 Dinafem lists Haze Auto‘s indoor average yield at 20-30 grams per plant. I believe in DWC/hydro set-up, one could easily double or triple that.

Prior to harvest I tried Supernatural’s “Quality Cure”. It’s some very interesting stuff and worked as advertised. Watered it in the evening before harvest, chopped in the morning, and the buds were ready for the cure jar in less than 36 hours. They dried very quickly, evenly and for the most part the aromas never faded, just the grassy, green scent faded nicely into obscurity. The big and only drawback (so far ) is that when using Supernatural Quality Cure, you CANNOT reuse your grow media and must wash the pots well prior to their next use.

Northern Light x Big Bud Autoflower cola at harvest

Northern Light x Big Bud Plant #1, week 9 bloom under the Pro-Grow 260X LED grow light

Pro-Grow 260X LED grown Northern Light x Big Bud

Week 9 – Plant #2, the other Northern Light x Big Bud really thrived under the Pro-Grow 260X

No weights yet for the Northern Light x Big Buds, I also used Supernatural’s Quality Cure on both of these. They were cut the day before yesterday (Sunday) and as thick as the colas are, should be ready to be broken down today & into the cure jars by tomorrow.

Northern Light x Big Bud weights to be posted soon…

Sticky, sweet-smelling sublime bud!

Nirvana Auto Flowering Marijuana Seeds


Check back soon for the harvest totals! Meanwhile, I just fired up 470 watts of LED goodness for a Critical-Sensi Star and one Landrace Afghani Kush »