Northern Light Autoflower – week 5 from seed

Now that the Haze auto and the two Northern Light x Big Bud autos are harvested, I thought it premature to end journaling the Pro-Grow 260X. I’m a fan of mid-wattage LEDs for practicality, but this 260X seems specifically designed for one thing – Saturating closet sized spaces with intense grow/bloom power!

A wonderful balance of focused coverage and light intensity with minimal power consumption, heat and fan noise.

Like a Gunshot blast!

LED grow lights and autoflower medical marijuana

Northern Light Autoflower under the Pro-Grow 400 (2.5 weeks ago)

Early on as we began the Pro-Grow 260X journal with the decision to do the autoflowers, I noted that you never quite know what you’ll get in terms size/yield. That said, though our 3 auto girls remained short & stout, they finished at:

  • Haze Auto –  42 grams
  • Northern Light x Big Bud #1 – 52 Grams
  • Northern Light x Big Bud #2 – 55 grams
There’ll be more about the harvest totals in a future post.

LST Low Stress Training for our Northern Light Autoflower

Northern Light Autoflower getting LST’s & moved to the Pro-Grow 260X (1.5 weeks ago)

About half-way into this journal I started a single Northern Light Auto in another grow chamber. The stars aligned and all went perfect in the first 3 weeks as by the 4th week the NL auto was already larger than the current blooming auto trio. As soon as the Haze was harvested, the Northern Light auto was moved under the Pro-Grow 260X between the two NLxBBs. By the following week the NL auto had nearly filled the 3 x 2 tent, thankfully her tent mates were harvested this past weekend and now the Northern Light Auto has the whole tent & the full spectra of the Pro-Grow 260X.

I am hoping for epic autoflower goodness!

Northern Light Auto taking over under the Pro-Grow 260X (last week)

Nirvana Seeds, Straight from the Source!

Northern Light Autoflower grown under LEDs

Northern Light Autoflower, this week (week 6 from seed)

Stellar growth & blooming for just 6 weeks.

Grow Weed Easy!

Northern Light Autos, a near perfect strain & the Pro-Grow 260X a near perfect closet light.

In typical Northern Light fashion there is little to no aroma, but new trichomes are forming each day. I’m hoping she’ll start to show purples soon… We’ll see…