An auto-flower marijuana plant flowers at 21 days old.

Miracles Happen! Our offspring of a failed autoflower, flowers - At Day 21!

Blue Mystic Auto Cross: Day 26 from seed, Grown under 1 – Pro-Grow 260 LED Grow Light from Hydroponics Hut

The Original Cash Crop: bushy, tasty, frosty!

Not wanting to get hopes up, I’ve unsuccessfully tried for auto flowering plants twice now, this one seed (BMO #1) wasn’t expected to auto. BMO 1 & 2 are seeds from a self-pollenated Blue Mystic Auto that failed to autoflower, so it is a pleasant surprise.

I’ve been told that given optimal conditions, autos are known for aggressive growth & intense flowering bursts. That said, at day 23 we cranked up the Full Spectrum setting and transplanted BMO #1 into a 3 gallon SmartPot, 2:1 blend of Fox Farm’s Happy Frog & Ocean Forest, 1.5 Tbsp dolomite lime, .5 Tbsp diatomaceous earth. Game on!

Yesterday, BMO #1 has surpassed #2 in size and number of nodes, so I began LST (low stress training) by wiring her low & high in opposing directions, thus bending her safely at a 90º angle.

Fast forward to today, day 26 and her top that was horizontal now bent back upwards, but the effect we’re going for, is to encourage lower branches to shoot upwards to create multiple tops, and that also succeeded.

I’m holding off at least a week before considering any nutrients, she’s freshly replanted in new soil that should feed well for at least 2 weeks. I use Vita-Grow’s 3 part dry mix, and will probably keep the nitrogen a little higher than normal, like 8-17-15. It seems I use less water, but the plants eat more nutrients overall with the LEDs. The plants HPS definitely use more water, but the nutrient schedule is lighter to compensate for the plant’s tolerances… Not a scientific observation by any means, but an observation none the less.

With the Pro-Grow 260 set about 18″ above the tallest plants, the light intensity is that I re-bent BMO #1’s top back down, in about 60 minutes the tip was reaching back up towards the LEDs at roughly a 30º angle, by 2 hrs it was straight up and ready for retraining, AND the lower node branches shot up past the bend, now that is growth!

It’s pretty obvious that I need to throw more demands at the Pro-Grow 260, I’ve yet to do it justice. So, that in mind, we’ve started new autoflower seeds and will be continually adding new strains to vegetate, cuttings to root, autoflowers to bud and do it all under one light!

Blue Mystic Auto X

BMO #1 @ day 26 from seed appears to be growing well and auto-flowering