I should have given you all a better look at the plants, earlier on in the grow. Nonetheless, meet the Veg-Tent ladies… These are a mix of autoflower and photoperiod plants being grown in soil beneath a Hydroponics Hut Pro-Grow LED grow light, we are currently utilizing a Pro-Grow 260 series after being completely satisfied with our Blue Mystic crop grown with the Pro Grow 180.

The Autoflower Plants  – 1 Blue Mystic Offspring (from failed auto parents), and 2 Northern Light Autoflower plants from Nirvana Seeds.

Blue Mystic Autoflower

Blue Mystic Offspring #1 (an Autoflower) in a 3 gal. fabric pot , day 31 of bloom.

BMO #1 is a very strange plant. Once flowering commenced, she only developed 1 and 3 fingered leaves, at least it makes for little pruning. With only 3-4 weeks remaining on her, she is still growing taller.

Northern Light Autoflower - Day 10 of bloom, week 8 from seed.

Northern Light Autoflower #1 in a 1 gallon hempy - Day 10 of bloom, week 8 from seed.

NLA #1 (above) was a runt for about 4 weeks… two sets of leaves and an inch and a half tall, that was it. I almost pulled her, but thought to transplant it into beter draining soil and that did the trick! She is a bit smaller than NLA #3 (below), that was started 4 weeks later, but #1 is switching into bloom much faster.

Northern Light Autoflower grown with a Pro-Grow 260 LED

Northern Light Autoflower #3 in a 3 gal Smartpot - Day 10 of bloom, week 4 from seed.

The Photoperiod Plants ( 1 Blue Mystic Offspring, 2 Blackberry Cuttings)

Blue Mystic grown under a Pro-Grow 260 LED

Blue Mystic Offspring #3 in 1 gallon fabric pot , Day 31 from seed.

This poor plant got transplanted using a different soil mix, coincidentally it is the only one having any issues. She took off like gangbusters, but has begun showing signs of problems. I am sure it will bounce back.

Grow Weed Easy!

Nirvana Blackberry - Both are producing cuttings like crazy!

Nirvana Blackberry in 1 gallon fabric pots - Both are producing cuttings like crazy!

These are the cuttings from the blackberry plants we just harvested. In addition to budding out the autoflowers, the furious vegetative growth on these goes to show how well the spectrum on the Pro-Grow series of LED grow lights works, were taking cuttings off of them weekly, and they bush right back up!