With its only retail outlet due to close today, Berkeley Patients Group is set to become the biggest casualty so far in a bold and controversial legal offensive by federal prosecutors against California’s pot industry.

The group sent an e-mail to customers earlier today announcing the pending closure.

Like a Gunshot blast!

While dozens of other medical marijuana dispensaries around the state have been forced to shut down since California’s four U.S. attorneys launched the crackdown in October, none is as large or commands the same local political support as Berkeley Patients Group.

John Entwistle notes: The article in Huffpost is actually very good reading and carries much insight into the mindset behind many if not all of the dispensary operators in California. Greed! Some folks are very good at playing Monopoly but unfortunately ending/surviving the war on marijuana and making fortunes selling pot at black market prices are not always the same game. Of particular interest is the complaint document filed by Debby Goldsberry. And I though I was delusional, check these guys out…