661 Medical, a medi-pot dispensary in Southern California’s Antelope Valley, opted to switch the child’s first and middle name in announcing via Twitter that their “Ivy Blue OG Kush” was available for a pricey $20 per gram or a more reasonable $55 an eighth. When cultivated correctly, Kush strains tend to be extremely tasty as well as being indica-dominant, meaning that they produce more of a body-high favored by pot patients looking for pain management or to treat sleep disorders (as opposed to head-rushing sativa strains, used to combat depression among other ailments).  

Blue Ivy Carter (her surname coming from Jay-Z’s actual last name) already had made history by crying on her father’s ode to her called “Glory,” which debuted at number 74 on the Billboard charts, “featuring B.I.C.,” making Baby Blue the youngest “singer” to ever appear on the pop charts. 

Like a Gunshot blast!

And if getting a Kush medical marijuana strain named after her daughter wasn’t enough for Beyonce, it was announced earlier this week that a newly discovered horse fly in Australia was named Scaptia (Plinthina) beyonceae. The reason the fly was named for Beyonce is because of its gold-haired bum, which somehow reminded researcher Bryan Lessard of the luscious backside of the singer who once sang “Bootylicious” with her old group, Destiny’s Child. Come to think of it, maybe Lessard was smoking some of that Ivy, too. 


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