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Panasonic Lumix 7.2MP
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Bin Laden OG
Barnie’s Greenery (Dispensary – Fontana)
$15/gram, $45/eighth, $90/quarter, $175/half, $340/ounce
Okay so before I get any hate regarding the name of this strain, it’s really an amazing-looking flower and who wouldn’t want to smoke Bin Laden’s ass in grass form?! Haha, now back to the review: The outer appearance of this nug is on the medium to darker green side.  Very well manicured, dense flower with a nice milky coating of trichomes surrounding these beautifully structured nugs.  The calyxes are covered in a heavy amount of resinous dew– that just confirms that these flowers are holding in high levels of THC!  After doing a little research online, my suspicions were confirmed and the Laden has a total THC percentage of 21.11 with .44% CBD.
Where can I get to get this nug’s pheromones bottled?  Cause mannnnn this stuff is intoxicating!  I literally wanted to hold on to this 1/8th for dear life when I first got my hands on it, it smells that good! Extremely strong aromatic OG lingers in the nasal cavity for a few good minutes!!  Totally reminds me of fresh cool moving breeze for some reason, its hard to explain this any other way.
Extremely robust explosion of lemony OG on the inhale, with a major piney crispness on the exhale, which lingers on the palate for quite awhile.
Buzz Type:
About halfway through my second morning bowl I noticed myself getting somewhat stuck, without quite realizing it was happening until out of nowhere I was like “Damn I’m baked!”  Extremely heavy head and almost a total complete laziness… I mean complete body relief just creeps in rather nicely! 😉
Buzz Length:
After 2 morning pipe loads of some decent-sized bowls I was planted for about two hours and the come-down wasn’t super heavy either.  Nothing worse than coming out of a great high like a snap of a finger.
So sad to report that unfortunately Barnie’s was forced to close its doors by the Feds in mid-March 🙁 It’s so unfortunate for me to have to now resort to even MORE driving for my medication. I really hope that they are able to bounce back and re-open soon so that I can be back for the DANKness!  Thanks for the love and many beautiful flowers Nino and Brian.  I will keep my fingers crossed that you come back strong! ~Peace, Smoke and Toke Always, ???~TinaToker~???