Pictured: Blueberry x Cheese 

Blue Cheese was produced by crossing some Blueberry males acquired from a few select seed breeders with Big Buddha Cheese – the backbone of a massive seed breeding project. The resulting seed products were cultivated  from 40 different Blueberry x Cheese male participants, becoming the proud parent of the pungent new strain.

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Blue Cheese grows swirls of compact flowers that develop noticeably crimson hues close to flower time. The close inter-nodes of the plant allow it to be highly suitable for the sea of green growing technique [SOG]. Indoor plants in a SOG grow to be mature in 8-10 weeks and outdoor plants can be harvested around the end of Oct. Blue cheese ladies create a huge primary cola inside or outdoors, with respectable buds on all well-lit side branches.

Blue Cheese’s flavor includes a soft fruity hug of blueberry that fans will recognize and appreciate. Moored to this KGB strain is a strong underlying flavor that’s unmistakably Cheese – slightly funky and dank having an earthy edge. The combined taste is musky and spicy having a sweet cotton chocolate flavor, along with a hint of berries around the exhale. As the yield isn’t as abundant as some commercial strains, marijuana farmers with connoisseurs tastes will discover the yield to more than generous.

The greatest pleasure from the Blue Cheese is its high, a smooth and easy onset, while allowing one to be functional, creating a sense of great mental excitement as well as an opening into inner self. This high opens your brain by relaxing your body. It’s a comforting, yet balanced high. Great for a pleasant hike, or just sitting by a roaring fire hanging out chilling with the family.

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