As I had previously mentioned, I was concerned that after drying and all was said and done, BMO #1 would fail to produce enough dried meds, to have been worth the light, soil and time. Part of the issue was I underestimated the intensity of the Pro-Grow 260 and had the tops too close (you saw what happened), so we lost out on proper growth there. But all the lower buds, though small, were densely packed and the entire plant was a trichome (resin) factory. So, with some better canopy management and light distancing, we could have improved on the harvest.

Blue Mystic Autoflower Trimming

Few leaves made for fast manicuring!

The Must Try legend.

Lots of trichomes (resin glands) make this loose bud well worth keeping!

A few of the tips were kind of lanky, but there were more than enough trichomes to make it worth keeping.

Autoflower buds close up

Her buds are small, but they are surprisingly plentiful and very sticky.

48 grams of buds

I had guestimated 21g. And the final weights is…48g!!! Fortunately I was a bit off.

My concerns were unwarranted as we ended up with 48 grams (over an ounce-and-a-half)! Keep in mind that this was done in less than 90 days, in my VEG TENT at 18/6 all the while growing out 2 other autos, multiple cuttings and seedlings.

Nirvana Seeds, Straight from the Source!

An ounce and a half of autoflower buds

An ounce and a half??? YaaaaaaaaaaaaaHoooooooooooo!

Autoflower buds

The aroma is that of over-ripe fruit & cat spray, yet it’s oddly appealing.

Prior to the trim & weigh, I was getting pretty disappointed. I’d hoped for the 1oz mark, and with many of the buds shrinking quite a bit while drying, it wasn’t looking good.

Needless to say I was pleasantly shocked, when all those little buds totaled up to 48 grams. Overall I’d call 1.5oz in less than 90 days from seed, grown in the 18/6 Veg-Tent, a worth while venture.

Lessons learned:

#1) Be optimistic! You still may be wrong in the end, but you’ll feel better about things along the way.

#2) Slow down a bit & observe what the plant(s) is telling you. Don’t assume every discolored leaf = add more nutrients. If you observe, really observe, you will have a far easier time troubleshooting any ailments along the way.

Sticky, sweet-smelling sublime bud!

#3) Remember to have fun growing. When we do things we enjoy, we tend to put in a little more effort and care. As much as we all await harvest, life is about the journey, not the destination.


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