August 7th, 2011 – Pro-Grow 260 LED Grow Light Autoflower Grow!

Blue Mystic Offspring Autoflower

Blue Mystic Offspring Autoflower (BMO #1) under the Pro-Grow 260 LED grow light

The Original Cash Crop: bushy, tasty, frosty!

Three weeks from seed, she showed the first flower. Seven weeks and a few days later, our Blue Mystic Offspring – Autoflower is as ready to harvest as it gets!

So our strange, little freak-show autoflower is no plant of the month contestant, nor is she even a contender for bud of the month, but she is prime and ready for harvest… and all ours! (insert evil laugh here)

Autoflower Cannabis

Blue Mystic Offspring #1, the only one to auto so far. 3 week veg, 8 week bloom.

Being that this plant came from a batch of self-pollenated seeds produced by failed autoflower plants, that had to be 12/12’d to bloom, the stability of her genetic traits are questionable at best. It did however show the “autoflower” trait successfully as she flowered at 18/6 lighting and the plant also demonstrated some of the “Blue Mystic” classic traits with gnarly amounts of trichomes on leaves, buds and stems.

Autoflower marijuana buds

11 weeks from seed to harvest. How much harvest, remains to be seen…

The plant continued to frantically grow upward till about week 5 of bloom, requiring constant bending & training to keep manageable under the Hydroponics Hut’s LED grow lights. It is now obvious that anything closer than 14″ from the tops (it would vary form day to day)was too close. At just over 2′ tall,  I was concerned the plant’s lower buds would not get enough light, so I kept the LED grow light within a “one foot” average. The tops were spindly and the very tips bleached out, however, I now notice that the mid to low (even the lowest) buds were nice & dense and on average, the largest.

Lesson learned – Respect the power of the Pro-Grow LEDs and “listen” to what the plant is telling you as they grow.

Amber trichomes indicate it is harvest time

When you don’t need a magnifier to see the amber trichomes, it’s ready to harvest.

If I’d had kept the height in check better, and went wider -vs- taller, I’d have had a better harvest. I was unprepared for how well it grew under the Pro-Grow 260, as it budded, there was a point I thought it would never stop growing upward.

I could have easily cut a week and a half off of harvest time, but I wanted to let her trichomes bet beyond milky and get a majority of ambers on the leaves, and a mix on the calyxes themselves.

Like a Gunshot blast!

Auto Flower Buds at Harvest

Some buds are nice & dense, some thin & spindly. All are well coated in aromatic, viscous trichomes

I have not a clue what the total weight will be after drying & a final manucure. If we get 1oz, I will be very satisfied, though if I did make a guess, I’d say we’ll be closer to 3/4 of an ounce. Time will tell.

Auto-flower marijuana buds hang to dry

Hang em’ high! Temp, airflow & humidity in the bloom tent is perfect for the first 2 days of air drying.

Trichomes (resin glands) coat the leaves, buds and stems

One final close-up… If nothing else, they are sticky and smell amazing.

Check back in Tuesday or Wednesday and I should have the weight posted as well as an early smoke report.


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