Blue Mystic – D grow stats

Grow Medium:
6 gallon Bubbleponics Set-up

Pro-Grow 180, 14 – Band LED Grow-System
Featuring 3 Watt HO chip-sets with UV + IR

Like a Gunshot blast!

Current – Stealth Hydro’s Grow + Micro @ 25%
Veg – Bloom: Advanced Nutrients  pH Perfect Grow, Bloom, Micro


Hydroponic grow - Nirvana Blue Mystic & a Pro-Grow 180 LED grow light!

Here we grow again! Bubbleponics, Pro-Grow LEDs & Blue Mystic

Back in fall/winter of 2010 we ran a Blue Mystic Auto grow (Nirvana Seeds), under Pro Grow LEDs, in a Bubbleponics set up. Though none of the plants auto-flowered, they did bloom out at 12/12 and were very pleased with the results!

This time, we have 3 cuttings from 1 plant grown from a seed off one of the original Blue Mystics. I’ve labeled it Blue Mystic – D (BM-D), she was grown in soil and was a stout, dense, fast bloomer that was quick to mature (about 6 – 7 weeks). That said, the ‘-D” in the name comes from a light dill-like aroma the unbroken, cured buds had. Not a favorite particularly, but her fast growth of hard nuggets with very good medicinal qualities, made me decide to keep it as a “quantity” strain.

For as well as she did in soil, I am very eager to see her in hydro (Bubbleponics). If all goes to plan, I am confident we’ll easily surpass the finished harvest weight of the original 5 Blue Mystic plants.

So here we grow, Week 1!


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