When most people have a bong that they no longer have a use for, they usually offer it to a friend who might give it a nice home. But, one resident of Friendswood in Texas had a different idea of what to do with his old piece: he donated it to Goodwill.

The bong, still featuring resin from being previously used, seemed to baffle the Goodwill employees in this small town, who offered a number of choice quotes for the Houston Chronicle. “I don’t know why someone would want to smoke marijuana or turn it in to Goodwill,” said Goodwill spokeswoman Meredith Phillips. She continued by noting “it’s illegal, so it’s an unfortunate thing that had to happen. Goodwill is thankful to be in the community and to be good neighbors in the community. A part of being a good neighbor is making sure that all rules and laws are followed.”

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As would be expected, police were notified of the event. The article notes that Goodwill has gotten a fair share of unusual donations (including a $10,000 fox fur coat), but this was the first time that they could recall receiving a bong. We pretty sure that the event must have been a practical joke, but if anyone was ridiculous enough to donate a bong and actually think that it might reach the shelves of the Goodwill, then we solute you.

Would you buy a bong at Goodwill? What is the best item that you have purchased at a thrift store?