Bubbleponics, LED grow lights and Blue Mystic Cuttings

A peek into the tens reveals a little oasis of green!

A small sea of green, courtesy of the Pro-Grow 180

The Pro-Grow 180 and the bubbleponics system make for best grow of this strain yet.

Grow guide for marijuana beginners.

Day 29 of Bloom, in the Bubbleponics/Pro-Grow 180 LED tent. The plants are now consuming about 2 liters of nutrient solution a day and we are adjusting nutrients to compensate the drops in PPM & rise of pH.

Beyond a little “brown tip” from potassium deficiency, growth is green, lush and for this Blue Mystic phenotype – the best it’s ever looked or smelled (this pheno has very little scent, like almost none). At just week 5 of bloom these Blue mystics have more trichome coated leaves than its cloned sibling, which is at week 7 of bloom in soil.

Buds bloom under LED grow lights

Bubbleponics & the Pro-Grow 180 make for a solid combination.

Trichomes coat the leaves and buds of a young Blue Mystic cola.

This phenotype prefers hydro to soil, as it has noticeably more trichomes & aroma than its soil counterpart.