Day 40 under the Pro-Grow 260 LED grow light. Vegetative growth has been off the charts in both Vegetative and Full Spectrum settings. Now the Northern Light Autoflowers are budding, we’ll get to take a look at the blooming power of Hydroponics Hut’s Mid-range light (They have a Pro-Grow 180 & 550 series as well).

Blue Mystic Offspring Autoflower

Blue Mystic Autoflower (BMO #1) - Day 40 bloom, week 10 from seed

Granted our Blue Mystery Autoflower isn’t the best candidate for a bloom test, as her background & breeding are questionable at best.  Her buds are small, but in a constant state of bloom & growth. They are densely covered in trichomes and their smell is nothing short of AMAZING!

The Must Try legend.

Autoflower buds

The light penetration of the Pro-Gro 260 is seen by dense budding, even down low on the branches.

A trichome coated auto flower bud.

Autoflowers under LEDs - Day 40 budding under LED grow lighting at 18 on/6 off.

Meanwhile the Northern Light Autoflowers begin to bloom…

Northern Light Auto #1

Northern Light Auto #1 (NLA #1) at week 2 bloom. She's a good 20 inches wide and blooming like mad!

Both Northern Light Autoflowers from Nirvana Seeds are in week 2 of full bloom. NLA #1 is amazing considering she was almost DOA as a seedling for about a month, but look at her now. Small & compact, she is several weeks older than NLA #3, but they appear to be on a similar bloom schedule, but that is about all they show in common, as NLA #2 it a very stretchy, tall, and branchy at well over 2 and a half feet tall (and growing), I had to bend and LST her.

Marijuana grow tutorial for beginners.

Northern Light Autoflower #3

Northern Light Autoflower (NLA #3), Tops forming everywhere! Week 2 bloom, day 35 from seed

The cutings and other seedlings are doing just great. Vegetative pics just aren’t as cool to look at as blooming ones…

Nirvana Blackberry - Both are producing cuttings like crazy!

Nirvana Blackberry - Vegging like mad &producing cuttings like crazy!

I’m looking forward to throwing more space at the Pro Grow 260 in the coming weeks, I’ve a feeling I’ve barely tapped the potential for this light, maybe a few new plants in a DWC or Bubbleponics set up… Hmmm…