6 medical marijuana plants bloom beneath the Pro Grow 400 LED grow light

So begins another week in the Pro-Grow 400 test garden

As the weeks pass my tinkering becomes more precise. I’ve raised the Pro Grow 400 to a consistent height of 28 inches above the canopy. Though the plants showed no signs of light stress and the 400 is on a light-mover,  a 22 inch distance seemed overkill for now. Perhaps we’ll raise a few plants closer as needed or indicated, but for now stretching is minimal, nodes are tight, white hairs are popping up everywhere… all is going very well!

Grow guide for marijuana beginners.


Here is a quick overview of the plants in the Bloom-Room, under the Pro-Grow 400:

Blue mystic begins to bud under LED grow lights

Plant: Blue Mystic "D" - Week 1 of Bloom

Blue Mystic “D” (BM-D), the D is for a faint dill like aroma of the cured buds off this one. We mothered this strain form a previous grows, The original seed was sprouted from a self-pollenated Blue Mystic parent. Oddly, I kept this one around not because I particularly like it, but her  fast developing buds are dense, sticky and matured by week 6 into 7, make for a great “test strain” for experimenting with lights, nutrients, hydro vs. soil, etc. This is also the very same strain growing under a Pro-Grow 180 in a 6 gallon Bubbleponics set-up (DWC/Hydro) in another journal.


Week 1 of bloom for this White Widow cannabis plant

Plant: White Widow #3 - Week 1 Bloom

This is White Widow #3 (WW-III), her sibling plant #2 went hermaphrodite a bit ago and was pulled from the room. WW-III was put in at about 6 – 7 weeks from seed, a bit younger than I’d hoped, but is kicking up white hairs and in bloom.


Young buds grow under LED grow lights

Plant: Blue Mystic "G" - Week 2 Bloom

This is the second run of plant Blue Mystic “G” (BM-G), she is a mother I’m retiring. She bloomed about a season ago, and despite a bad potassium lockout, produced plentiful medium sized, sticky buds with a pine-berry aroma. I was impressed, so we kept her for cuttings. Unfortunately her cuttings will not take, they all begin to auto-flower in their second week of rooting and produce neither healthy roots or flowers. So I boosted her soil/root mass with organics and goodies and set her back to 12/12, she is budding up nicely!


An Aurora Indica (Nirvana Seeds) begins to bud.

Plant: Aurora Indica #2 - Week 2 bloom

Grow Weed Easy!

I wanted a hard-hitting “body” strain, so we opted for Nirvana Seed’s “Aurora Indica“. Plant #2 (AI #2) looks to be all an indica (or indica dominant) strain should be; short, stocky, fat leaves with dense bud sites. Although she was young & sent to 12/12 at just under week 7 from seed, she began forming tight white hair clusters almost immediately. I may have to set her back from the light a bit, to get at least somestretch from her.

The Original Cash Crop: bushy, tasty, frosty!


A Sativa phenotype in an Aurora Indica strain.

Plant: Aurora Indica #1 - Week 2 bloom

Aurora Indica #1 (AI #1), Although a week or 2 ahead of AI #2, #1 took longer to start bloom. It may be due to her very Sativa-like phenotype, long thin finger leaf structure, good stretch at pre-bloom, but she began bloom after #2. AI #1 was suffering from a deficiency of sorts (see pic) with a variegated pattern of chlorosis in the leaves growing on the branch tips. The yellowing symptoms are alleviating, and her bloom is almost aggressive and easily surpassing AI #2’s growth. She has also been showing trichomes galore since the onset of bloom, AI #2 as of today has no visible trichome development.


An incredible sativa grows fat buds under the Pro-Grow 400 LED

Plant: Mystery Sativa "Bebe" - Week 6 Bloom

Nirvana seeds, staight from the source!

Meet Bebe, the Mystery Plant. Her above portrait does her no justice, I’ll have to post up some close ups soon!

Sticky, sweet-smelling sublime bud!

Any seed is an adventure! People knock “bag-seed” (random seeds usually found in low quality commercial weed), many growers will not even sprout a “mystery seed” of unknown origin or genetics, I on the other hand like to explore & experiment. The “Bebe” seed was found by the love of my life (hence the nickname) on the ground in a very unlikely place. I kept it for a while, and decided to give it a go. I’m glad I did!

About 3 weeks after sprouting and under 18/6 lighting, Bebe declared female, and the following week looked as though it was in bloom, though it added more flowers, bloom just never took ( I probably should have let her try go longer), so by week 7 I put her in 12/12 (under 600w HSP) and she began to produce a dense mass of long thin leaves (think ‘Cousin It’) covering a emerging forest of white hairs. She was really struggling, showing severe potassium deficiency among a few other issues. Finally I changed the lighting to the Pro-Grow 400, adjusted feeding slightly and within 48 hours was rewarded with nice deep green new growth and by day 3 trichomes formed in epic proportion followed by a aroma/scent from heaven….