Evidently, the BK employee decided the odor of burning cannabis emerging from a paying customer’s vehicle was grounds for writing down Porter’s license plate number and notifying a supervisor. The supervisor apparently had even less to do on the job because that person then called 911 and reported the incident to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Dept, including giving deputies Porter’s plate number. 

Strange that the cashier was willing to serve Porter and his friend their food and take their money, and instead didn’t go to the supervisor at the time while Porter was still in the car. Then the BK personnel could have asked Porter if it was pot they smelled or probably more appropriately, refused to serve him at all. Instead, they treat Porter like a regular customer and then surreptitiously report him to the police – it’s not like he was flashing a gun or displaying violent tendencies – the guy was joking around, after all.

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It must have been as slow a night for Volusia County sheriffs as it was for the Burger King crew because they took the time to run the license number to ascertain Porter’s address. When Porter got back to his crib clutching his bag of burgers, a waiting deputy stopped him, searched his car and found a more interesting bag – this one allegedly containing an ounce of pot. 

Porter, 32, was arrested and charged with felony drug possession and could get up to five years in prison due to the Sunshine State’s gloomy drug laws. If Porter had been a vegetarian, maybe he’d still be a free man with plenty of good bud, but for you fast-food devotees out there, keep the pot jokes out of range of the drive-thru intercom; you never know who is going to scribble down your license plate number and decide to play narc.