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The last week and a half got away from me… in the above video we are at only day 23 of bloom and the colas are setting in.

Dinafem’s California Hash Plant is a very hearty grower & bloomer, with the constant barrage of light from the Pro-Grow 260X LED grow light she is filling in with new outcroppings of white hairs and young trichomes…

Day 37 of bloom, above… The Pro-Grow 260X keeps cranking out the light, and the California Hash Plant keeps kicking out the blooms!

Trichome development is not where I thought it would be, especially in comparison to the Haze and Cheese autoflowers, but the California Hash Plant is a photoperiod and there are several weeks remaining and a lot can happen in that time!

The bud/cola development is simply stellar! The Pro-Grow 260X lighting is perfect for this kind of space and grow, Set the timer and then water & feed regularly!

There is little scent or aroma off this plant, but it just keeps cranking out pistils. Hopefully all will fall into place by maturity.

Data from Dianfem’s site:

California Hash Plant has a bush-like shape, forming a well branched-out and wide plant, not particularly tall.

This plant is a pure indica and mould resistant.

The leaves are wide and dark with a short internodal distance, which improves flower production all over the surface of the branches.

This is a good and fast producer making it a safe bet outdoors.

It smells sweet, not very strong, making it easier to conceal than other strains.

It has medium strength and a sedative effect due to its CBD content, quite similar to the effect of hashish, as its name suggests.

It is suitable to be used as a tranquilliser, for patients with nervous disorders or sleeping difficulties, thanks to its low psychoactive effect, which calms more than excites the imagination.

  • Medicinal.
  • Nice gentle aroma
  • Effect similar to hashish.


More to follow!

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