Dear ASA Members and Friends,

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Americans for Safe Access (ASA) filed a lawsuit in federal court today challenging the Obama Administration’s attempt to subvert local and state medical cannabis laws. ASA filed suit on behalf of our members who have been adversely affected by an escalation in federal pressure against medical cannabis.

ASA’s new lawsuit is a part of our campaign to push back on aggressive federal tactics. We need your help to put political pressure on the Obama Administration, mount an effective media campaign, and keep fighting in the courts. Can you make a special contribution to support this legal effort?

Our groundbreaking Tenth Amendment lawsuit seeks to stop federal interference and intimidation, which has been escalating since US Attorneys in California announced the crackdown on October 7th. The scope of the new federal attack is shocking. The Drug Enforcement Administration is raiding medical cannabis providers and cultivators. The Department of Justice is threatening to prosecute landlords and confiscate their property. The Administration is seeking to intimidate elected officials, financial service providers, legal gun owners, and media outlets. This may be the broadest and most serious threat to medical cannabis yet.

There is no time to wait. The Obama Administration’s attack on medical cannabis is already having an adverse impact on patients’ access. We need to stop these tactics now, before they spread further. As a member of ASA, you know that you are a part of the solution. Don’t miss out!

We are fighting this battle on behalf of our members, and we need your support to make it happen. It is more important than ever to stand up and be counted today. We know we can make a difference. Our successful advocacy, media, and legal campaigns have already resulted in important court precedents, new sentencing standards, and more compassionate community guidelines. With your ongoing support, we will stop this federal attack and take back the momentum!

Thank you for doing your part,

Steph Sherer
Executive Director

Read ASA’s press release and download a copy of the complaint for more information.