Yesterday was a great day for the medical marijuana community in the wasteland of the California judicial system. With a landmark ruling from the California Supreme Court cultivating mad love from CA MMJ patient’s state-wide. The Supreme Court in no uncertain terms, rejected the review process of a key marijuana collective case from the Southern California area. The Supreme Court rebuffed the banshee screams of our State A. G. Kamala Harris along with local law enforcement to review the Ca. Court of Appeal ruling in People v. Colvin. In their conclusion, the Supreme Court asserted that medical marijuana patients and their providers should be allowed “certain protections”.

To the court’s credit, they noted that the main problem with the ruling in People v. Colvin was that the State A. G. Kamala Harris’s view-point that mmj collective members must participate in undetermined “united action or participation” and to be eligible for protection under the CA’s MMJ law would probably “limit considerably the extent of marijuana collectives.”

The Must Try legend.

The bottom line, as far as the court was concerned, was that in the People v. Colvin case — the CA. State A.G.’s condition would have “contravene the intent of [state law] by limiting patients’ access to medical marijuana.”

Hopefully with the new found clarity from the State Supreme Court, the insane idea that medical marijuana patients must somehow cultivate their own medication or in some other way contribute towards the overall cultivation, germination or any other aspect of the collectives business that they “donate” buy their marijuana from. As a byproduct of this case, it was also clearly defined that CA. medical marijuana patient absolutely have the right to purchase marijuana concentrate’s and extracts.