Jimmy Carter and Sting Amongst Those Who Signed the Petition

David Cameron is being advised to legalise drug use in Britain by an elite group former U.S. presidents, Nobel Prize winners and six British MP’s.

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In a letter that have been sent to the Prime Minister, Cameron has been encouraged to reverse current UK law that treats drug use as criminal one rather than a medical issue.

The document that was directed at Cameron and the entire Parliament house, was signed by former US commander and chief Jimmy Carter, musician Sting and Yoko Ono amongst others.

The Countess of Wemyss, who is leading the calls for change admitted that whilst Cameron had more pressing concerns, that the debate on drugs was not to be ignored.

She told The Daily Telegraph: ‘I think the Prime Minister has probably got the economy on his mind and not reforming drugs policy.

‘But one must have a wake-up call that we must begin a global debate on how we minimise the harm from drugs.’

In the letter, the group call for Cameron to begin Parliamentary discussions over the use of drugs which is estimated to be worth UKP285billion each year.

Other signatories of the letter include Sir Richard Branson, Professor Nial Ferguson, philosopher AC Grayling which was organised by the Beckley Foundation, which has been promoting its drug reform policy.

Former drugs adviser to the government, Professor David Nutt, who was forced to resign in 2009 has also lent his name to the proposal.

Nutt was forced to leave his post after claiming the severity of drinking alcohol was worse than taking Ecstasy.

Moves to downgrade drugs such as Ecstasy or cannabis have yet to be determined although the letter argues that as a result of the ‘tens of thousands of people that die in the drug war each year,’ legalising the sale and use could prevent such killings from taking place.


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