Welcome to Camp Wakeupobama

Do you support medical cannabis
but are not sure how to help?

Frustrated watching on the sidelines as the Obama Administration tramples on patients rights? Tired of reading news story after news story about friends in our movement being targeted? Wish there were more ways that you could plug into a national movement?

Then Camp Wakeupobama is just for you!

Join activists across the nation by making your summer plans to alter history at Camp Wakeupobama! This is no ordinary camp: each activity you participate in will be building toward national actions this fall! And as you complete camp activities you will win merit badges and prizes, from t-shirts, to our grand prize a full scholarship (travel and lodging) to ASA’s national conference in DC February 22-25, 2013! All while fighting for patients rights!

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There are so many fun and easy activities, there is something for everyone to do—andsigning up is free! Check out Camp Headquarters for activity details.

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The 3½ months left until the Presidential election will have a huge impact on how WE are treated in Washington for the next four years.

There are over 1,000,000 legal medical cannabis in the US and millions more that are waiting for safe access. If we all make a commitment over the next 3½ months, we can make medical cannabis a part of the Presidential dialogue. We can get President Obama to hold to his campaign promise in 2008 to respect state medical marijuana laws—while building advocacy skills and lifelong friendships.

We all agree that that medical cannabis should be an option for people who need it. Banding together, we can accomplish anything…after all it was $20 donors who elected Obama in 2008!

Join me at Camp WAKEUPOBAMA!

Fellow camper,
Steph Shearer