There’s some great news out of Oregon today, as IP-24, Oregon’s movement to legalize marijuana, has passed the 50,000 signature mark. Hopefully this is the first step in what will lead to the end of Oregon’s prohibition. Here is the Press Release in full:

Our campaign to end marijuana prohibition in Oregon blew past the 50,000 signature mark this week, according to Chief Petitioner of IP-24, Robert Wolfe. This week, Citizens for Sensible Law Enforcement will turn in another 11,800 signatures, including 7,700 collected in the last week, to bring the total to 52,700.

The constitutional amendment will allow adults 21 personal use of marijuana, free from fear of criminal sanctions provided their actions do not endanger children or public safety.

“We are on track to make the ballot in November. We are pleased that Oregon voters will have a chance to put an end to the expensive waste of law enforcement resources that marijuana prohibition requires and the criminal activity it causes,” said Wolfe.

The measure needs about 116,000 valid signatures by July 6, 2012 to qualify for the November election.

The campaign, which is managing the signature collection in-house, is just hitting its stride, and has filed more than 20,000 signatures in the past month.

“Our pace of signature collection will only accelerate as better weather kicks in this spring,” said Wolfe.

In addition, the campaign has picked up the endorsement of Oregon Students for Sensible Drug Policy at an event held at the Lewis and Clark Law School.

“SSDP is the leading drug policy reform student organization in the nation.  We’re very excited to work with them on this initiative” said Adam J. Smith, a campaign co-director.  “More than half of all low-level marijuana arrests are of people under 25, so young voters understand the failures of Prohibition better than anyone. ”

For more information or to volunteer for the campaign, please visit

If you’re in Oregon, join our Oregon friends over at The Weed Blog and go get out there to support this good cause.

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