Among the issues debated at the Colombian summit, along with Cuba and the Falkland Islands, was the war on drugs, which can be felt in everywhere from Latin America to the United States and Canada. And, while the many nations at the summit might have found much to disagree about on some issues, the drug war may be the unifying issue from the summit.

CBC News reports that Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper met with Canadian journalists in Cartagena, Columbia and explained that though opinions may divide the summit on many issues, it is not so clear cut when it comes to the war on drugs, with the Prime Minister noting “what I think everybody believes is that the current approach is not working. But it is not clear what we should do.”

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And while the remarks might seem surprising from Harper, whose government takes plenty of money from its citizens on a yearly basis through drug fines, Harper qualified his statement by saying that drugs “are illegal because they quickly and totally — with many of the drugs — destroy people’s lives.”


Of course, we know that weed is not one of these “many drugs,” but this acknowledgment that current drug legislation is harmful regardless of what hemisphere you are from is an important step for the Canadian leader, and one that many of his citizens are going to be happy to hear.

How would you end the war on drugs? Do you think this summit will result on some eventual law changes in Canada?