While I acknowledge the fact that this article is being written at the risk of most people assuming I am just another of the “dumb stoners” fighting for the legalization of marijuana(dagga), I ask that you keep an open mind whilst reading it.

The studies condemning the use of this plant are one sided, naieve and never focus on the good that may come about from it’s legalization. The studies completely ignore the fact that cannabis affects different people in different ways, and I understand that for this reason some do not find it to their liking. But what about the rest?

Grow guide for marijuana beginners.

Personally, cannabis relaxes me, makes me more tolerant of other people, I find it makes me more creative and opens my mind in ways that could not be achieved otherwise. I suffer from no side effects, and despite the claims of it being a “gateway drug”, I have never, nor have I ever felt the urge to use another drug, despite having ample oppertunity.

It never affected my studies- in fact it served as a great stress reliever. I feel no withdrawal symptoms either. I have never had a single bad experience, and have never witnessed one either.

Those who are against it have tried it once, or never, and for some reason feel that they’re entitled to an opinion nonetheless. I realize that inhaling crude, dried plant matter isn’t exactly healthy (yet studies show still far less damaging than tobacco smoke), but there are other ways to get the cannabis into your body.

The success of California’s “medical marijuana” dispensaries should be taken note of. Many of the patients are there for some sort of respiratory disease in the first place, so instead of smoking they ingest cannabis via specially prepared foods, oral sprays and even lip balms.

And don’t fool yourself into thinking a medical marijuana license is only garnted to those on death’s bed- it is used to treat a variety of conditions including even minor back pain. Different strengths and various varieties of the plant are used to treat the condition accordingly.

Marijuana is grown extensively in South Africa, and is a massive cash crop. So many people use it, and obviously the government is incapable of dealing with the situation. It is attainable at a moment’s notice.

Every year, honest South African tax payers spend millions on the ineffective law enforecment of marijuana, when the money could be far better spent elsewhere( I won’t even go there).

Imagine the government legalized it ( helping to reduce the related crimes), putting a good tax on the price tag. This way, money would become available to sort out things in the country that actually require attention. With the correct governmental control, it could very well be made to work.

I can confidently say the negative social effects of marijuana( I can think of very few) are not even worth mentioning in comparison to alcohol, but for some reason that’s legal. Cannabis does not make me violent, does not make me beat my loved ones, does not cause me to feel the need to have unprotected sex, does not affect my driving ability, and certainly doesn’t make me vomit copiously into my dog’s food bowl.

Instead of S.A being renowned for inventing the most racially unjust political system known to mankind, why don’t we take the initiative and become global pioneers?

So much good can come of the legalization, and when half the country shows the authorities the proverbial finger and smokes anyway, keeping it illegal is nothing short of daft. Maybe it could make this country a better place.

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