Can you say persecution and privacy violation? If we sit back and do nothing, we’ll lose ALL our rights!

It is ridiculous attempts at legislation such as this that should make anyone question what right a city council has in sticking its nose into someones medical condition & treatment! Why not extend it to all patients on schedule 2 medication(s)? What’s worse it is legislation such as this that makes people fearful of their privacy and thus either not get the medication that works for them, or go underground to get it and thus putting funds to “illegal” growers.

Incoming City Manager Chad Olsen (Right) talking with city attorney Walt Gowell

In an effort to determine who has the right to grow medical marijuana within the Carlton city limits, the city council Monday night tentatively approved a set of city rules about where and how the normally illegal weed is grown. City Attorney Walt Gowell said the second draft of the city ordinance is pretty well constructed patterned largely after a model ordinance that was produced by the Oregon League of Cities. Carlton, however, took that template a few steps farther. Those licensed to grow medical marijuana will be required to grow all their plants indoors, behind a fence and locked up. It can be inside a house or outbuilding, but again it must be tightly secured.
If it’s inside a house, the grow cannot take square footage away from normal living spaces. Basements preferred or in an area one might consider “surplus space.” The size of the grow is limited to 200 square feet for one medical patient. Under state law, one grow site is limited to growing marijuana to just four patients plus the grower if he or she is authorized to treat some ailment symptoms using marijuana. The grows cannot become a nuisance to the community; no foul odors allowed off the property. And the grower must allow the city manager or his/her designee to inspect the grow area to ensure city and state laws are being followed.The Carlson marijuana grow ordinance should be ready for formal adoption by next month’s city council meeting.