Weed - Cheesy Dick: Photos and Strain Review

Who can resist a Cheesy Dick? The hairy strains nickname alone should give one for pause for thought. Cheesy Dick is a relatively new and welcome breath of fresh air in the hybrid world. This new Cheese strain is loaded with “Old School OG flavor.” Whether or not you are a fan of OG, this fine hard-hitting Indica is infused with new cannabis genetics and would do well in any cultivators A+ collection of high yield marijuana strains.

Sticky, sweet-smelling sublime bud!

In order to end up with the Cheesy Dick strain, the cultivators preformed a cross-pollination b/t a Moby Dick male and a Big Buddha Cheese female. The Moby Dick end of the strain was first established in Northern California by cross pollinating a Super Critical Mass strain and a “Jack” mixture.

Like a Gunshot blast!

When you Crack open the Cheesy Dick container and smell the super dank aroma… one begins to salivate at the sweet smell, which is  the product of some of the best medical marijuana grown in California. As the mmj patient, or recreational pot smoker fluffs the dank green buds, its smell has a slim hint of blackberries and fruit. In order to enjoy puffing on the Cheesy Dick strain of marijuana, a patient must have a passion for thick, choking hits of dense OG flavor.

Remember to ask for it by name … Yo Budtender, “can I get some Cheesy Dick”